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Meet Your Travel Planners

Tracey Martin

Tracey grew up in Portstewart on the Coast of Northern Ireland. Her passion for travel stems from childhood and her family Travel Company founded by her Father and still operated today by her brother.

Tracey has had the great fortune of globetrotting to such corners as Bermuda, Africa, Indian Ocean, Cruising, The Mediterranean, Europe, Skiing worldwide, The Caribbean, Canada, USA, Asia, South Pacific and more…

Beyond her love of travel Tracey is a Mum and enjoys a healthy lifestyle and fabulous friends. Pets, nature and exploring hidden gems on her walks fills her bucket.

Tracey’s ideal trip is one that mixes leisure with adventure. She appreciates the amenities of the world’s great hotels, always seeking unique touches with her clients in mind.

Portstewart, North Coast of Northern Ireland

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Southern Maldivian Atolls

Favourite Travel Tip
Always keep a spare set of clothes in your carry-on!

Caroline Mcginley

Caroline grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. From the beginning Caroline has travelled the globe – she has ticked 6 out of the 7 Continent boxes & is thrilled to be able to check off her 7th by visiting Antarctica later this year.

Caroline’s industry experience spans: Airlines, Corporate Hospitality, Travel Agency Management, Travel Wholesalers and Sales & Marketing for North America.

Caroline, her husband and 3 children enjoy continual wanderlust – “I have always believed one should not wait for that “Someday” to begin living your Bucket List. Check in with me at TYS today…

Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Favourite Travel Tip
Leave all of your unnecessary gadgets at home. Be present!



Let's Talk

TYS takes pride in providing exemplary service to every one of our clients, and we make the effort to learn as much about you as possible.

We assemble every itinerary with your preferences in mind, including: seating preferences, dietary requirements, favourite hotels/destinations – anything that is even remotely relevant to your travel. We can always be reached (24/7) to help with your travel itinerary.

If you need us, we will be there.

Phone: +61 2 9907 0211

Your Trip, Your Way, Your Style